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In Brief

I redesigned OneLogin Mobile, an app that gives end-users quick and secure access to their work apps on their phone, while providing simple 2-Factor Authentication when logging in to OneLogin on the desktop. This had previously been two separate apps.

Mobile App UX Design • Visual Design

Before the Redesign

As years pass and an app doesn't get enhanced, a laundry list of issues arise:

Before Redesign

The old OneLogin OTP app (left) and Mobile Launcher app

Redesigned OTP experience

The old OTP flow required users to find and open the OTP app on their phone every time they wanted to login. By pushing these login requests to the phone in the form of a push notification, we save previous seconds every time they login.

Redesigned App Experience

Admins often give end-users access to many more apps than they use. As a result, finding the app you wanted using the old design was painful. I addressed this issue in the redesign with intuitive search and filtering, allowing users to reduce the noise to just the apps they use.

Improving the clunky navigation for viewing apps was made much simpler by re-using patterns set by mobile browsers. Flipping through your active sessions is like flipping through your mobile browser tabs.