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In Brief

We knew that OneLogin's Users page is where our admin users spend most of their time. And yet, performing meaningful user administration tasks was a pain. I worked on a designing a Users page that help admins work efficiently and feel all-powerful.

Web App UX Design • Visual Design • Research

Before the Redesign

The previous design had glaring usability problems:

  1. Bulk user actions felt very clunky
  2. You could only filter by one attribute
  3. Performing a simple action on a user required going to another page

Before Redesign

The old Users page


We distributed surveys to customers and talked to several internal stakeholders about the info and functionality that was most critical for performing their daily tasks as quickly as possible. This helped inform the visual hierarchy of the data and actions available.

Final Design

User management is the bread and butter of OneLogin, so I made it full-width to show as much useful data was possible. As the browser window expands, more data is loaded in.

A true user directory experience
Active filters, actions, and infinite scrolling

This design was extremely well recieved when we shared it with some key customers. In particular, the left pane got a lot of love for giving them a better sense of the many ways their (potentially thousands of) users were grouped. While it had previously felt like a long unmanageable list, the page now felt like a true user directory.